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CNC designed boot space of a Volkswagen Crafter van

CNC Machining and Router Services

We have years of experience using CAD and CNC routers to bring ideas to life.

Let us help bring your idea into production, by transforming a rough paper sketch into a professional technical drawing and proto-type.

Ready to get started? Please get in touch to discuss your project.

CAD Drawing Spec

Source Files

We can create a CAD drawing from a range of files, including handdrawn sketches, Bitmap images and text-based designs.

Multiple layers 

Drawings can include multiple layers linked to different sheets or materials.

Compatible with CNC Cutting

VCarve Pro with 2.5D design - ideal for adding textures and fluting as well as precision cuts. 

CNC Router Cutting Spec

Our Machine: 

Highly capable Italian SCM with 15 tool ATC CNC.

Working Area

3600mm x 1525mm x 100mm (12’x5’) CNC.

Compatible Sheet Materials:

Solid wood, ply, MDF, laminates, composites, PVC. Contact us for other materials.

CNC precision cut wood
  • Increased accuracy

  • Boost production volumes

  • Reduce operation costs

Image by Simon Berger

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